What People Say About Me

I much value Jing as a sincere, outspoken and respectful person whose radiance, genuine interest in people and deep understanding of others' issues and feelings makes her the perfect coach. She quickly made me feel comfortable to explore and discuss my thoughts and concerns.


Her intuition, perception and perspectives impress me. She is insightful and so thought-provoking... Thanks to her I greatly improved awareness of my environment and myself. In short, I hugely appreciate her positive impact, will continue working with her and can only recommend her.

F.W. Business Owner, London

Jing ist eine starke, reife  Persönlichkeit. Ihre positive von Spiritualität geprägte, Ausstrahlung ist wohltuend und schafft von Anfang an Vertrauen. Sie ist eine ganzheitlich denkende Person, die das lebt was sie sagt und dadurch mit sich selbst im Einklang ist.


Sie hat die Fähigkeit, Probelme von Menschen schnell zu erfassen, zu analysieren und entsprechend die richtigen Fragen zu stellen. Trotz ihrer liebevollen Art kann sie sich gut abgrenzen und hat die Kraft sich gegenüber anderen durchzusetzen. Das befähigt sie, in kritischen Situationen die Übersicht zu behalten und Menschen mit sanftem Nachdruck durch Probleme zu begleiten und sie zu ermuntern nicht aufzugeben.

U.G. Technical Writer, Zürich

Recently I took part in one of Jing's workshop about relationships and am still happy. I discovered old patterns in relationships which prevent a harmonious one. I wish I had known better! But now I've got the tools to discover love and balance in relationships. The whole time I felt protected and loved – and never judged. So I am very thankful for that experience. I highly recommend work with Jing!

Mauela Luther, Germany

I had the privilege of attending a workshop on relationships led by Jing. She managed to lead me to deep inner thoughts whilst keeping me feeling very comfortable and safe. This is both a skill form and delivered from the heart. I would definitely attend and participate more of her work.

Maria Chappell, UK

It was great to do the workshop. I'm happy I took part in it. Wonderful weekend nourishing my mind with positive thoughts and supporting my body recovery.

Klaudia Dresler, Zurich

It is a life transforming experience, a rare opportunity in life to get fully in touch with ourselves and begin with the journey of healing.

Anonymous, Zurich

Jing is a highly knowledgable and experienced HYL teacher. She is wonderfully caring and compassionate. Her workshop on relationships was transformational and simply superb!

Elise Heikkinen-Johnstone

Jing is a very special workshop leader. She is very well organized. Her workshop was very interesting and interactive. WELL DONE!

Mike Pickhardt, Germany