About Me

Jing, 2014 summer
Jing, 2014 summer

I was born in a small town near Shanghai in 1973, and grew up in a dysfunctional family with a lot blame, resentment and depression. For most of my life I was a low self-esteem and fearful person, I felt depressed and powerless. However, I was also given an unyielding spirit, a pure heart, and the willingness to learn. I waded through the small and big crises in my life and emerged reborn.


One of my darkest times was  shortly after my move to Zurich many years ago. My first love/marriage was falling apart, my mother was in hospital suffering from psychosis, and I was alone in a new culture and language environment with a challenging job. As a young girl, I felt as if my world were shattered.


Since then I've been on a continuous journey of self-discovery, emotional healing, and quest for inner peace and joy. It's not always easy, but it's deeply satisfying. In hindsight I could see my journey more clearly. I now know that LIFE was (and is) always there to guide me and support me, every step on my path! I appreciate every experience in my life, and I know I'm the creator of my feelings and experiences. 


In every challenge lies great values, be willing to learn and grow, you'll find the wonderful gifts wrapped in it! Be grateful for all experiences in your life because they are your opportunities to grow, expand and become more who you truly are. 


Through my own journey I discovered my deep desires to support and inspire others to live a more joyful, balanced and fulfilling life. In 2012 I left my career as a chemist and dedicated myself to what I love to do - coaching and healing.


It's my joy to awaken you to the Power within you, to help you love yourself more fully every day, to help you take back your personal power in life, and to discover the love, peace and joy that you truly are.


Happiness and security comes only from within! Look within, the Power to transform your life is within you! Change yourself, change your life!


With love

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