What others think of you doesn’t matter

In her article ‘’Oprah reveals how to fight your fears’’ Oprah Windfrey worte, ‘’As author Neale Donald Walsch says, So long as you’re still worried about what others think of you, you are owned by them. Only when you require no approval from outside yourself can you own yourself.” These words struck me when I read it last week. I am committed to reaching my full potential and being my most authentic and powerful self, but somehow I hold back in business and procrastinate taking actions that would benefit me, I felt blocked and frustrated but I didn't know why. Suddenly I realized how my fear for what others think of me has subtly affected my decisions and actions in my life particularly in business.

Almost my whole life I am scared about what others think about me, and I gauge my behavior (what I say or do and how I dress) to make sure that I am appropriate and no one could say anything bad about me. I thought I’ve cleaned up my patterns and I’m now bold enough, but obviously there’s still more work to do. On the other side it’s exciting to discover this because I know ‘’If I can see it or feel it, I can heal it’’.  


I also remembered what Sonnia Choquette said to me during my intuitive reading session with her last year: Mind your own business, first, you don’t know what others think about you, second, what others think about you doesn’t matter. I was in such a fearful state at that time that I couldn’t grasp the meaning of her words. Now thank God after recovering from the greatest challenge in my life and the huge learning and growing I received as the precious gifts of this challenge, the words start to sink in me and reveal its true meanings to me.


We all create our own reality through our thoughts, what I think is my business and what others think is their business, I choose to mind my own business. I want to detach myself from what others think, feel, say or do and how they respond, which depends on their mood/emotional state/awareness and over which I have no control. To care about what others think about me, is like putting my happiness into their hands.


We all think differently and have different perspectives, there’s no way for me to please everyone, and I can please no one (except myself) forever, and it’s not my responsibility to make conditions easier for others to feel good. Instead of tearing myself apart in different directions by caring what others think, I choose to align with my inner being and tap into the love, joy and wisdom of the source that is always available to me, and I choose to live unconditional joy which means my happiness doesn’t depend on others and I free others from being responsible for my happiness!


Everyone has the freedom to think what they like, I am open to different perspectives as contrast is good for stimulating my thoughts, ideas and desires, but I am not obliged to think the thoughts others think, I have the freedom to think my own thoughts. Praises are pleasant and critics can be devastating, but neither of them is important to me because both can train me away from my inner guidance. No one knows what’s right for me, all the wonderful things beyond imagination lie within me, only my inner guidance can guide me on my path.  


How does your concern about what others think of you affect your behavior? How can you care less about what others think of you? You can’t live a life of true freedom when you are worried about what others think of you. Leave what others think out of your life!  

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