Let happiness be your highest goal

I've been studying and practicing Abraham Hicks' Law of Attraction for a while and found the teachings of Abraham truly profound, inspiring and uplifting. A simple evidence of the Law of Attraction is: Birds of like feathers flock together; like-minded like-hearted people are attracted to each other. According to the Law of Attraction, whatever we give attention to we will attract to us. This might not seem true at first sight, as we all have/had experiences that we desire something for long but it's not manifested in our lives. What we don't understand is that the Universe is based on inclusion (instead of exclusion), this means: when we say ʺYESʺ to something, it comes to us; when we shout "NO" at something, it comes to us as well! The Universe only knows what we are focusing on; it cannot differentiate YES or NO.

There are always two sides of whatever we desire, the desire itself and the absence of the desire. Thinking or talking about what we want is only part of the equation, the question is: Are you focusing on the joy of the desire on its way of manifestation or the reality of the absence of your desire? In the former case, the desire feels delicious to you, you feel great and eager for what is coming, what you desire will become your reality in perfect time-space sequence. In the latter case, the desire feels more like a painful longing to you because you are keenly aware of the absence of the desire, you doubt, frustrate, worry and lament, hence you attract only the absence of our desire.


The difference is in our EMOTIONs! Our emotions let us know if we are on the way of manifesting our desires or delaying/pushing away our desires. We are the only creator of our life and our personal experiences, there’s nothing that we cannot be or do or have in this Universe, the key to everything we desire is feeling happy where we are and eager for what is coming.


I find Abraham's teachings resonate deeply within me. It's wonderful to know that I could have everything that I desire because happiness is a choice and it's in my own hand. Isn't it worth trying as you have nothing to lose - only happiness to gain :-)?! Every day do more things that you love, associate more with people who are uplifting, appreciate more the positive aspects of your current life. Turn your attention away from things that irritate you or make you feel bad. Make yourself happy and make the best of every day! In this way you are signaling to the Universe that you are ready, open and receptive to the good in the Universe, and the Law of Attraction can bring you more wonderful things and people that you enjoy! Have fun!


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