Choose to be peaceful

Many people don't really understand the importance of being peaceful, they ask "Does peace pay my bills? Does peace bring me a wonderful job? Does peace move me forward in my life?". Most of the time they drive themselves to do more and accomplish more, they feel the need to have circumstances under their control, which often indicates lack of trust and fear for uncertainty.

The truth is, peace has everything to do with all this, it is the beginning of a wonderful life that you desire. Many misunderstand peace as having to let go of their desires, in fact peace simply means that you're aware of your desires (but not pushed by them and pulled off balance), you trust that they will be met at the perfect time-space sequence, and you go on your life as usual.


Have you ever had such experiences? You've been looking for solutions to a problem for some time and you start to feel impatient, worried, frustrated and stuck. One day you had a wonderful and relaxed time, the perfect solution just popped into your mind. Have you ever noticed how things are going well when you are happy and peaceful whereas things seem to go in a downward spiral when you are angry, frustrated and fearful?


When you're relaxed and peaceful, your breath is slow and deep, you are a clear and open channel to the Universe, the life force/energy can flow through you freely, and you allow the good and abundance of the Universe to enter into your life and personal experiences. When you are angry and frustrated, your strong negative emotions often scare people away and keep them in distance; in a similar way, these emotions repel the good things that you desire.


The next question is: how can you transform those strong negative feelings into peace? It's quite challenging to jump from emotions such as frustration, anger and fear to peace and joy, the key is to always reach a better feeling place or a feeling of relief from where you are! This can be achieved by thinking more comforting soothing thoughts.


For example, you made a big mistake and you start to beat up yourself and feel frustrated. Instead of beating up yourself, choose now thoughts such as ʺit's fine to make mistake, everyone makes mistakeʺ, ʺI learn from the mistakes, next time I can do betterʺ, and ʺGood that I noticed the mistake, I still have time to make the correction ʺ. Notice the effect of the thoughts on your feelings, always reach for better feeling thoughts. Keep on this process, in no time you will rise to a good feeling place.  


It’s also very helpful to switch your environment and take on activities such as jogging, a walk in nature and things you love to do, they can reconnect you with that peaceful and wise part in you.


What is peace to you? How peaceful are you? What can you do to create more peace in your life?


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