Cultivate powerful beliefs

Life is really simple, whatever we believe about ourselves and life becomes true in our personal experiences. I used to hold many limiting beliefs about myself and life, such as life is not easy, lessons are supposed to be learned in the hard way, I need to work hard to earn money etc. Over time I've realized the detrimental effects of these beliefs had on my life before, and I've been working continuously on cultivating unlimited powerful beliefs. 

When I believed earlier "life is hard", life brought to me many experiences that justified my beliefs, life felt like a constant struggle to me, I was exhausted because I was always swimming upstream, and I used a lot willpower to overcome the difficulties I encountered in my life. Now I choose to believe "Life is meant to be easy and sweet, life is meant to be loving and joyous", and Life has brought many wonderful experiences into my life, life feels exactly the way as I now believe it to be, every day life is just getting better and better.


When I believed "I can't..." most of my life, I did always feel powerless and trapped. Now I choose to believe "I can, I am free, and I am powerful", most of the time this is what I feel.


Nothing is wrong, both sides of the coin are the truth. Depending on which side you choose to see and believe that becomes your truth and personal experiences.


A main concern many people have is about HOW. Since they do not see the how, they quit before they start. The truth is: you do not need to know exactly how! It's natural we don't know everything when we enter a new territory, the first and most important step is to be WILLING to discover your limiting beliefs and replace them with more powerful ones. As you set your intention, the Law of Attraction will bring you the HOW - the information/inspirations you are looking for! As you enter the first door, the next door will reveal itself, each door leads you to the next along the path. Your gut feeling/intuition/heart/interest/energy is your inner guidance system to let you know whether you are on the right path or off path.


Changing beliefs might sound daunting to many people, in fact beliefs are nothing more than habitual thoughts that we have learned to think from our upbringing, culture and social environment. They are only thoughts and thoughts can be changed! Affirmations, mirror work and subliminal CDs are a good start. When strong resistance is present in you, subliminal CDs are very powerful as they skip your conscious mind and speak directly to the habitual (or subconscious) mind, over time your resistance will be reduced and you’ll start to allow the new beliefs to take root in your mind. Consistency is a great value in anything you want to achieve, so be consistent!


What limiting beliefs (about yourself, life, money, relationships etc.) do you hold? Are you willing to replace them with more powerful beneficial beliefs?


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