The Power to transform your life is within you!


Let me help you take back your personal power in life. Let me help you feel confident in every area of your life, wherever you go, whoever you're with, and whatever you do. Take the first step to creating a wonderful life you want and deserve NOW.         

                                                                                                                   - Jing, with love

Order You Can Heal Your Life Gift Edition
Order You Can Heal Your Life Gift Edition

2-Day Weekend Workshop: 

Love Yourself Heal Your Life®


This workshop can change your life!

Created by Louise Hay originally. You'll learn powerful and easy-to-master techniques to deal with your emotions effectively. You can use these techniques for your whole life!

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* Heal Your Lifeâ weekend


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   Money & Your Subconscious

  • Ever feel that your conversations with people around you are superficial, mundane, boring and tiring? Ever wish to have deep, caring, inspiring and soulful conversations that you want more and more...?
  • Ever feel that as a man you have to suppress your feelings and be strong all the time, because men don't cry and showing emotions implies ''I am weak''? 
  • Ever wish that you have someone in your life whom you trust enough to discuss your emotional or relationship issues, particularly if you're a man? 
  • Ever feel that you have read all the books, information and tools in the world but you still don't know where to start and how to use these knowledge to improve your own life?
  • Ever feel that thoughts are thinking you rather than you're the thinker of your thoughts? Ever wish that you could ''switch off'' the stress in your mind and feel relieved and relaxed more quickly? ...

If you answered ''YES'' to any of the questions, I can help! I can help you feel more confident in every area of your life - wherever you go, whoever you're with, and whatever you do!


I can help you create wonderful relationships with yourself, your partner, family, friends, boss, colleagues and even strangers! I can help you feel more ease, comfort, respect and appreciation in all kind of relationships. I can help you communicate authentically and effectively with others, feel heard and appreciated. I can help you have positive interactions with your boss, colleagues, and customers, make your creative ideas and proposals better received by them. I can help you manage the stress in your mind more effectively and feel relaxed more of the time. And more ...


A journey of thousand miles begins with a small first step. Take back your personal power NOW. Take the FIRST STEP to a wonderful life you want and deserve NOW!

If you're in a challenging situation in life, and don't know how to make a positive change: 

  • You're unhappy at work but don't know if you'll find something better.
  • The relationship with your partner is no longer loving and passionate as it once was. You have no clue what happened and what you can do to reconnect. 
  • You feel overwhelmed by life. Don't know how to stop, relax and simply BE even when you're on holiday. 
  • You've very successful in the eyes of others, but somehow you feel empty and dissatisfied inside, wish there could be more to life... 

You are not alone! We all have these feelings from time to time. I was feeling powerless most of my life, but I transformed myself and my life. I know you can as well!! The Power is within you, me and everyone! You do not need to know HOW, actually it's not possible to see the whole path from where you are, YOUR WILLINGNESS is enough, and LIFE will guide you!!


Life is supposed to be simple, easy, good and fun! The Power to transform your life is within you! Stop worrying, complaining and procrastinating, claim your Power NOW!


What is your Best Life? What is important to you? What makes you happy? Life is short and precious, how do you want to live your life? The outside life is only a mirror of your inside, are you WILLING to change? Do you want to create a wonderful life you deserve? 


Let me support you on your journey to freedom, self-confidence, inner security, peace, happiness, and deepest fulfillment!  Take a first step NOW!

With love,